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These are a secure, fortified space within your home to help protect you and your family in the event of a home invasion or natural disaster.

These rooms have an easily accessible door from either the short or long walls.


Made from high strength concrete, these panic rooms can be used to secure valuables and store food and water for when you need it most.

As there are no windows, there is no entry point besides the door which can be reenforced from the inside.


How it Works

Once you’ve selected what combination of tanks are required. Place an order with us. We will then send you a diagram for you to mark out any penetrations including a hole in the lid. Once that’s done, we will produce the tank to your specifications and deliver it to site. We will communicate with the crane company of your choosing to ensure that the crane isn’t waiting around.


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What can these rooms protect against?

These rooms can help protect you from natural disasters and home invaders.

Is ventilation required?

It is not required, but highly recommended. It all depends on how long you are in there and how many people are with you.
It also makes the room significantly more comfortable.

Remeber, it’s always better to evacuate if possible!

Where can we install the panic room?

On ground is recommended as for a panic room to be efficient you want to be able to get in as quickly as possible!

You can put them below ground, but to enter them requires a ladder or a stair case and is harder to secure.

These can be buried in a hill so that only one face is visible.

What should we have in the room?

Plenty of water! Along with water, food and clothing is essential.

A way to communicate is also important along with a security system. Make sure that the security system is only able to be operated from the inside!

Once the room is secured, make sure you test to see if you have mobile reception.

What is the room made from?

The room is made from ~75mm thick high strength concrete with CarbonCure. These rooms have reinforced columns in the side to help brace from lateral impacts and depending on the roof thickness, can take the weight of a fully loaded semi trailer driving over the top!

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