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Engineered and certified to the Australian Building Code requirements, our concrete wine cellars are modular in shape with the option of having a square or rectangular concrete unit readymade. They can be used for above-ground cellars, underground cellars, personal cellars beneath domestic foundations, or cellars embedded into hillsides.

A concrete wine cellar from Formcast can offer an easy and convenient solution for your wine storage needs. If you are lacking space but need a purposeful space to store your wine to your home, a wine cellar is the answer. Adding immediate value to an existing property, our drop in concrete wine cellars are an easy and convenient solution, working with you in mind.

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How it Works

Once you’ve selected the desired size of wine cellar. Place an order with us. We will then send you a diagram for you to mark out any penetrations including a hole in the lid. Once that’s done, we will produce the cellar to your specifications and deliver it to site. We will communicate with the crane company of your choosing to ensure that the crane isn’t waiting around.


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Wine Cellar Design

Wine cellar design is important as the conditions can affect the environment of the cellar, which can, in turn, affect your wine! The environment and conditions must be balanced to provide a long-lasting storage option for your wine.

Bearing this in mind, some factors to consider include in your wine cellar design are


The temperature of your wine cellar is a major concern. If the conditions are too hot or too cold, this can have an immediate impact on wine quality. In a country such as Australia, with such varying temperatures, this is even more important.

Versatile Tanks is one of the leading wine cellar manufacturers offering you a wine storage facility where your wine is protected, no matter what the outside temperatures may be. You can keep your wine at your desired temperature, between 5 and 18 degrees.


It’s not just excessive heat and temperature extremes that can be damaging for the wine; sunlight can also be another problem for your precious collection. Our concrete wine cellars are moulded and manufactured in one large continuous piece (besides the lid), so there’s no risk of having joins and seams. There are also no windows as the units are designed to be used underground. With no windows necessary, this means that the concrete wine cellar won’t let in any kind of sunlight.

UV Light

UV light can prematurely age wine very rapidly, so if you’re not planning on submerging the concrete wine cellar below the surface, you need to take into account the fact that no UV light will permeate into the unit. Not only that, UV rays will damage the labels on all of the bottles!


Versatiles wine cellars are designed to store large quantities of wine horizontally, which is imperative in order for the wine to stay in optimum condition and to age well; lying horizontally allows the contents of the bottle to remain in physical contact with the cork at all times.

Unit Shape

Square and rectangular units are the primary shapes that are available in pre-cast options. As the wine cellars are modular in shape, space in the concrete wine cellar is completely maximised. The interior of the design is entirely up to you. The variable shapes and layout within the wine cellar means that the unit is entirely versatile and can be used for any purposed required.


Versatile Small

The Versatile Small Wine Cellar is perfect for the hobbyist wine collectors. With a size of 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 and a weight of 7.1 tonne. It’s the smallest of our drop in range.

Versatile Large

The Versatile Large Wine Cellar is perfect for wine enthusiasts. With a size of 2.4 x 4.4 x 2.6m high and a weight of 11.5 tonne. This wine cellar has the potential to store up to 1880 bottles if buried underground.


Versatiles wine cellars are manufactured offsite, in a specialized factory setting. Being made from concrete, our wine cellars are extremely durable and won’t shift, crack or start to degrade, which might occur in lighter or cheaper materials.

Manufactured as one complete sealed unit, our concrete wine cellars are designed for underground use and are easily transportable by truck to anywhere in Australia.

The conditions in which the wine cellars from Versatile Tanks are constructed are absolutely vital to the ultimate strength of the material.

If the environment is less than ideal, the concrete may take longer to set, or may not end up curing to the expected strength. Micro cracks could also appear. Although they are repairable, this compromises the overall joy of having a sealed wine cellar.

In the factory where the concrete wine cellars are manufactured, the concrete is poured to create a completely sealed unit with no vulnerable cold joins or weak spots.

Both the base and the walls are poured together. This means no joins are required. This reduces the chances of rising damp, mould and water leakage.

Certified Construction

Wine cellars from Formcast are also engineered & certified to the Australian Building Code requirements.

Top Tip: An engineer’s certificates are essential for when architects, engineers, builders or homeowners require approval from local councils.

Location of Your Wine Cellar

Our precast concrete wine cellar designs can go on to be installed either underground, overground, below existing domestic foundations or, for the ultimate in eco-retreats, embedded into the side of a hill.

Advantages of Underground Wine Storage

  • Hidden from view
  • Helps provide a layer of protection from vibrations from traffic or machinery
  • Spiral staircase feature
  • Adds value to your property

Why Install a Concrete Wine Cellar?

  • Manage your own personal wine selection
  • Valuable, exciting feature to your home
  • Save money buying wine by the case
  • Save petrol and time, as there will be no need to drive to wine store whenever you fancy a drink
  • Investing in wine over time, as, through aging, you turn a good wine into an excellent one
  • Right wine for the right occasion every time
  • Immediately add value to your home if you decide to sell in the future
  • Expand your wine knowledge


What is the cellar constructed of?

We use a special 50 MPa concrete that allows the cellar to be poured in a single go. This means the walls and the base don’t allow any sepage and makes the stronger.

How much do they weigh

The base cellar weights are as follows. The total weight will depend on the lid thickness.

Size Maximum Weight
Versatile Small 7.1t
Versatile Large 12.2t
Where can we install the cellars?

Beneath lawns, gardens, driveways, garages, sheds, above ground and pretty much anywhere else. They can be partially or fully buried.

What else can we do with the cellar?

The nature of the installation process and material used means you can rest assured your concrete wine cellar provides a multi-purpose storage unit that is safe, secure and durable.

The concrete wine cellars are perfect for anything that requires a clean, sterile environment at a constant temperature. Therefore, there are many possible applications for wine cellars other than storing wine, such as pump/equipment houses, personal paperwork, or extra storage. We’ve seen them used as smokers, rooms to age meat and even just a hidden room!

Where do you deliver?

These complete wine cellar units can be transported all over the country and delivered to any location within Australia without losing any of their strength or getting damaged.

Formcast works in tandem with crane operators and builders to ensure that your completed wine cellar enjoys a smooth transition from our factory to you, the customer.

We don’t manufacture on location as we cannot guarantee perfect results due to the unpredictability of the environmental conditions.

What layouts would you recommend?

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